Join young professionals and entrepreneurs to share experiences, discuss ideas, and expand on business ethics.

Contribute to the mindset from those already generating millions of dollars of revenues for their own businesses.

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REBOP is a new way of networking. Included with joining is access to the following benefits:

  • Free REBOP membership.

  • Free REBOP directory listing and secured directory access.

  • Free REBOP social network promotion.

  • Free access to monthly REBOP council meetings to shape REBOP into its best possible form.

  • Free and/or reduced REBOP quarterly event admissions.

  • Thousands of dollars in referrals, priceless testimonials, and industry connections generated at events.

  • Access to young entrepreneurs that will share their experiences to help you grow.

  • Sponsorship opportunities to market to hundreds of potential leads at a time.

Please advised you must reside or provide business in Rockland County and its surrounding areas (Bergen County, Westchester County, etc.).


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REBOP Events

Meetings are held digitally every third Wednesday of the month.
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Please dress appropriately and always be ready to present your business!

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REBOP was collaboratively formed by young entrepreneurs to change the landscape of business networking for emerging business owners and professionals. The goal is focused on providing the best venues to host unique networking events and dynamic forums for discussion without charging pointless membership fees and high admissions.

You may have just started your own business, you may be working your way to a higher position, or you have been running a successful operation for multiple years. No matter where you are in your timeline of success, REBOP introduces a high energy and goal oriented atmosphere to contribute and benefit from.

We hope to see you at the next REBOP event!